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The Project:

Ohio Health Freestanding Emergency Department 
Medical Office Buildings– Obetz, Powell, New Albany

Working for: Gilbane Building Co. 

Project Requirements:
At OEP Clean, we empower our people to help grow our business! Dave Clements, Manager of Commercial Projects stopped by a Gilbane job site on his way to work. Dave introduced himself and brought back information to our team for review. The project involved a Rough / Final Clean at three (3) freestanding Emergency Departments / Medical Office Buildings.


Upon completion of the construction of each building, OEP Clean had a team prepared to do the Rough Clean and then the Final Clean. All OEP Team members were drug tested and passed all safety testing required by Gilbane.

Skill set:
We love to work in fluid, straight line motion but it’s not always possible. So, one of our core competencies is figuring out how to win. Managing the timing of all three project sites, with multiple players at multiple locations requires a very hands-on approach. Communication, cooperation and coordination were all extremely important to the success of this project.



First impressions are very important. It was our first project with Gilbane and we needed to shorten the learning curve and quickly figure out how to work best with them. Because their project managers were good communicators and easy to partner with, we were able to quicklyalign our processes and goals. Timing was continually in flux and dictated by construction completion. This meant that our project start was a moving target. Our project manager was able to flex and rework schedules, assigning our teams as needed in order to meet the deadlines. A successful working history has resulted in additional projects with Gilbane.

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